Inspired By Excellence & Creativity in the Publishing Arts

Pubbla Grants is the philanthropic wing of Pubbla that was created to serve a need in the self-publishing arena. In a niche that is mainly subjective, we feel there should be a more congruent way to obtain grants for creative minds.

Our aim is to provide a financial boost and recognition to talented individuals to help foster their craft in this ever-flourishing industry.

Pubbla distributes 1-2 grants each quarter, each ranging from $500 to $1500. We don’t believe you should have to fill out pages of paperwork, rather, your work will speak for itself.

Our grants are unrestricted, and they never have to be repaid. All applicants retain full rights to the work they submit. By default, we will post all winners on our website with an example of their work; but if you prefer your photos not be published, just let us know.

The application fee of $20 is used to:

  1. offset administration costs;
  2. compensate our panel of judges for a fair and thorough critique of work.

We realize there are many who work in more than one publishing arts discipline. To keep our process focused, we only allow one discipline per application. However, you are welcome to send an application for each.

For more explanation, visit our FAQ