supports the literary and fine arts.

We offer grants ranging from $500 – $1500 as financial support to spark creativity.

Currently, our grant cycles are open four times a year:
January, April, July, and October.

We accept and encourage submissions from anyone 18 and older, in the following disciplines:

writers, editors, illustrators, cover designers, book designers, photographers, and web designers.

Pubbla Grants aren’t like government or foundation grants as there’s no heavy paperwork involved. We are simply a group of writers, publishers, and artists just like you who love supporting our own tribe!

Grant winners are awarded in the first week of each grant cycle month.

To apply for a Pubbla Grant, simply fill out the form below and click “Send Application”.
You will receive confirmation through email.

For a fair evaluation, we require 3-5 images/documents of your work or a website/online portfolio.
The application fee of $20 is to offset costs and compensate our panel of judges.

** 50% off for Early Applicants: Fee is $10 if you apply by July 31 **